Samstag, 30. November 2013

Advent Calendars... Are All You Need

This is my whole preparation for the best, loveliest, sweetiest, most exciting, surprising day of the year! It's not you're maybe thinking, what about Christmas, Eastern or just birthday? Aren't this great days too?! Full of presents, family, friends and food- everyone loves it; is looking forward for it.
But I say no, no it isn't. Have you ever heard of the magic of Christmas? ( honestly you're mad if not) Smelled the biscuits in the oven, punch on the fire?
Saw the lights on the tree and touched the ribbon of the presents? You did! Everyone did!
And that are are reasons, I believe only a few ones, to make it the best day of the year: Christmas starts!
... On the 1ST OF DECEMBER! And you're ready to open the first door, start eating your way to your present under the tree- step by step, door by door!

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